Home buying is one of the most important decisions in life! Probably second best after choosing right life partner ! Make sure you don't make these mistakes and repent later.

This is probably the biggest myth people seem to have. People have perception that bigger the saleable area , bigger will be the flat. Although true to some extent , this may eventually end up wrong if you don’t pay attention to the actual usable space aka room dimensions. There have been no set rules for loading. Is it to be 30%,35%, 42% , 53% ? WE have noticed that people have not really understood concept of loading. Many builders do mathematical gimmick. e.g. A 70 SQFT carpet area flat is quoted as 100 and builder tells you it is 30% loading. What people fail to understand here is 30 is % of 100 ( which is sale are and not carpet area) So real loading is 42% and not 30%.

In Pune , Builders can get a double height terrace free of FSI ( ofcourse premium has to be paid ). Nowadays complete terrace is added to to the carpet area. Hence sometimes a bigger flat only means bigger terraces and very small inside utilizable spaces.

There have been cases wherein builders provide lofts in the flat and the area of the loft is calculated in saleable area. This sometimes is also coined as usable carpet which is nothing but a big eyewash. Further, sometimes builders even add parking area ( in SQFT) to your saleable area and increase to number.

Considering all this, its very difficult to just conclude that higher saleable area necessary means bigger flat size.

Often builder show you a sample flat which is so beautiful that you start imagining your own flat like that. Interestingly when you take actual possession picture isn’t rosy, reason – sample flat furniture was either custom made or tricks like excessive floor height, use of mirror was done so as the flat looks bigger or the tiles used in actual flat are different hence now it looks smaller. There are plenty of such tricks

IF you are buying home in a project which offers you more than 100 amenities with swimming pool and everything , please do think twice. We are not against these amenities per say however one must think about maintenance costs associated with higher amenities. Swimming pools are rarely maintained and end up becoming a pond. However initially your flat cost factors in all the costs towards amenities. Instead of amenities , it is better to take membership of nearby club which is well maintained and offers you much more than so called amenities. 

There are plenty of specifications in the building over which builder is silent cause these are areas where he saves his costs. e.g. 7 feet wall tiling in bathroom, or backside lamination of the door or material of the door frames or brand of the wire used for wiring etc. It is extremely important to know all the minute details beforehand. 

IF you are wondering which is the fifth mistake , then 5th mistake is making one of these mistakes even after knowing and reading this. All the best !!